The Shopstar Story

We believe we can achieve anything when we work together. 

We’ve spent over 8 years studying the magic of shopping and running an exclusive members buying club that not only sources the best very items in their fields, but secures the best prices we can.  All of this through one simple annual fee to join (currently free).


We're obsessed with giving our club members the best possible experience and service.

We care about your club customers 

Online shopping should be as smooth as butter. Whether it’s our award-winning customer service team helping you get a great offer for a new coffee machine or finally helping you purchase that new exercise bike, our team of Stars will answer any question you may have.


How do you get such great deals?

Sourcing the best deals

It's simple really.   By working with a limited number of club members (you, our customers) and by keeping a careful selection of the best products, we can a) arrange better deals with our wholesales and b) carefully manage our supply and demand, and thus keep our costs low.

We've built a variety of in-house tools, from our machine learning engine "Henri", to our supply chain software setup.   All of this helps our team continue to source and find amazing offers.