Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 37cm (Medium) and Cover. Black. 711004


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A great choice for a barbecue on the go and taking it low-and-slow wherever you end up. Large enough to barbecue an entire roast yet compact to fit in the boot of your car.  
Serves 3-5 people.
  • Built-in Thermometer in the lid: for temperature control during grilling. Large opening: to pile up Barbecue Wood Smoking Chips or Wood Chunks. 3 separate, adjustable air vents: for optimal heat regulation.
  • Solid Charcoal Barbecue: air circulates evenly around the briquettes. 2 Chrome-plated grill rack with handle.
  • 2 levels for grilling and Smoking: versatile options. Porcelain enamelled water and fat drip tray: the food does not dry out.